About Us

We are a group of young Muslims who were disappointed by the lack of affordable awrah friendly swimwear for men. Because of this, we made it our mission to offer an Islamic alternative to swim shorts that are both stylish and comfortable. Most importantly though, they allow men to not compromise their beliefs for a fun day at the beach. We hope you love our shorts!

  • Daanish Qureshi

    Daanish is currently studing Applied Math - Biology, and Engineering at Brown University. He claims to be the best striker in Zarbib United's history, with the infamous header strategy.

  • Elias Guermazi

    Elias is currently studying Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, on a pre-med track. He is addicted to the mosque, and considers himself 'cracked' at Fortnite.

  • Faizaan Qureshi

    Faizaan is currently studying Applied Math and Economics at Brown University. He is an avid cologne collector, and has never lost a game of clash royale.